The first MAJOR movie in history funded by an nft


Antara is a 6th Century Swords and Sandals Epic that is to be directed by Simon West. It tells the true story of Antara Ibn Shaddad, a black slave who won his freedom and became a knight, and one of the most famous poets in ancient Arabia. Antara became an icon of Arabic literature and a monument for the warrior code of ancient Arabia. His poetry was sewn in gold and suspended inside the Kaaba in Mecca in pre-Islamic Arabia. If one were to study Arabic literature in Oxford or Cambridge, they would study the literary works of Antara. The story of Antara is both the Alexander the Great and Romeo and Juliet of the Middle East, and has all the elements of a classical, timeless, and Shakespearean epic. The production comes at a time when the world is ready to see the story of a true black hero, which until now, has been missed by Hollywood.

shooting location

Antara is to be shot in the NEOM desert, Saudi Arabia which has some of the most spectacular, never before seen locations the world has to offer. NEOM is an ancient desert with incredible ruins that date back to the Nabetian Civilisation, who shared a trading route with Petra, Jordan. The same architecture and carvings as can be seen in Petra, can also be seen in NEOM. Abu Dhabi has also shown a keen interest to play host to the project due to its forward thinking flair. The production team has been in talks with officials from both territories, to see which of the two locations can ultimately offer the best incentives and business environment to accommodate the production.

the antara move nft

The Antara Movie NFT is the first NFT that allows a buyer to digitally part-own rights of the Hollywood Movie. This enables holders to partake in box office and streaming revenues. NFT holders can also get up to 80% yield on their NFTs while production takes place, in an exclusive partnership with Swapp Protocol. This is set to make Antara, the first movie in history funded by an NFT, and the Arabian Camels the first NFT community to produce and part-own the rights of a major Hollywood movie together. The image for an Antara Movie NFT is an Arabian Camel 2.0, with a distinct Hollywood clapper at the top right corner of the image. For more information on how to own an Antara Movie NFT and join the Arabian Camels, please visit

the arabian camels

The Arabian Camels were one of the most iconic NFT drops of 2021. They helped to launch the Antara IP, and offered a never before seen utility that allows NFT holders to go on set, get acting parts in the movie, and get tickets to the premier etc. Now they have gone a step further to introduce a system whereby the public can actually part-own the rights of a Hollywood movie, and earn a yield on their NFT while production takes place. This has attracted actors, financiers and filmmakers who all support this agile and revolutionary way of producing movies in a democratized and decentralized fashion.


An NFT (Non Fungible Token) is a digital asset that represents ownership of a file, rights, music, or any type of asset. They are purchased with fiat or cryptocurrency online, exist on a blockchain, and give the buyer digital ownership rights. The image of an NFT is generally an image that holders also proudly use as their profile picture on their apps and social media channels.


Simon West

Simon West is an acclaimed Hollywood director most known for his success with Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie, and Con Air with Nicholas Cage. He has become a household Hollywood name with other huge commercial sucesses such as Generals Daughter with John Travolta, Expendables with Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. He has just finished Old Guy with Christoph Waltz and Lucy Lu. With a string was chosen to collaborate with an incredible creative and artistic team to turn the Antara into a bold and artistic desert epic.

Stuart Sutherland

Stuart is a producer on Gerard Butlers 50 million dollar Kandahar movie, which is currently finishing its shoot in Saudi Arabia. Stuart has been in the film business for 30 years and has has worked in several other productions such as Evita, Top Boy, Emerald City and Killing Eve.

Marc Fusco

Marc worked as Steven Speilbergs assistant for almost 15 years and has worked on some of the most iconic Hollywood studio productions such as Jurassic Park and Saving Private Ryan. Marc is one of the most talented creatives in Hollywood and brings a layer of quality and experience that is befitting for the Antara production.

Alexander Amartei

The project was conceptualised, written and pulled together by Alexander who discovered an 18th century English translation of Antara’s life. Alexander has a background in equities, real estate and film finance, and is the brainchild behind the Antara franchise, and Movie NFTs.

Arabian Camels

The Arabian Camels NFT community helped to launch the Antara IP, and introduced decentralization and democratisation to the movie business. They have created an ecosystem where by producers, directors, financiers artists and musicians can come together to collaborate in a whole new way, independent from a Hollywood system. Some of the Arabian Camels are producers with vital role to play in the Antara Movie Production.


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